Grilled Prawns in a Red Chilhuacle Sauce April 05 2013, 0 Comments

2 servings 

Cook time 10 minutes                            Preparation time 30 minutes

Chilhuacle-Garlic Sauce

1 c. red chilhuacles, rehydrated and stems removed

2 Tbl. fresh garlic roasted until lightly brown and chopped fine

2 c. prawn stock or water

¼c. fresh lime juice

1 pinch salt 


Place all ingredients in to a blender and blend thoroughly (around 3 minutes), giving the chiles a chance to break down and incorporate into the sauce.


Pasilla Mayonnaise

1 c. mayonnaise

1tsp. lime juice

1Tbl. pasilla de Oaxaca powder

1 pinch salt 

Whisk together all the ingredients let stand for 10 minutes and whisk again.


Pico de Gallo

1/2c.  finely diced tomatoes

1/2c.  finely diced red onion

1/8c.  finely diced jalapeno filets

1 tsp. finely chopped cilantro

1/2 tsp. sea salt 

1 tsp. red chilhuacle chile powder 

Juice of 2 limes

Uniformly dice the tomatoes, onions and jalapenos. Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir periodically over the 30 minutes of resting time.


Final Preparation

16  prawns (16/20's or larger)

1 tsp. butter

1 c. pico de gallo

1 c. chilhuacle sauce

2 Tlb. pasilla mayonaise

Grill the prawns until they are half cooked and place in a sauté pan with the butter. Cook on medium heat, adding the rest of the ingredients and stirring until the mayonnaise is incorporated. Continue to cook until the prawns are done and the sauce has a thick consistency. Serve the prawns topped with diced jalapenos, sliced avocados and rice.