Wholesale Spices

All of our chiles, spices, and salts are now available in wholesale quantities!

Our ingredients are imported directly from farms in the Oaxaca region and food artisans who supply everything from rare chile peppers to roasted grasshoppers. Zocalito is the only importer in America to regularly ship large quantities of these marvelous materials, and they are offered to you for sale here at zocalito.com.

If you're interested interested in buying in bulk, please contact our wholesale manager at (970) 920-1991 or via our online contact form.

Our wholesale department regularly helps restaurants, bakeries, specialty stores, caterers and more with...

  • Ordering significant quantities of our spices 
  • A regular spice supply for a Restaurant, Bakery, or Catering Company
  • Carrying our spices in your spice store or specialty shop 
  • Creating custom proprietary spice blends for your business Who uses our wholesale services?

 Please contact us at (970) 920-1991 to discuss your needs. We'd love to help.